Eveline Horelle Dailey


This doorway allows my inspirations and insights to greet you.

I use my pen in prose to express my sentiments and my passions. I see colors where others may be blinded.

I am not a poet, yet with my heart I hear and feel the poet's soul.

Explore and decide, is it imagination or foresight?

I open up and let my essence flow. I am a writer I take liberties.

Read my writings and you may find that you know me, I am nothing more than a page of your own story. Read me again and find your own beacon of light.

The universe is my palette, my source of stimulation and my teacher. My pen the instrument of delivery.

NOW is the time to unfold and fold again, there is no other time to write.

A tour of this site will permit you an investigation of my mind and my skills.

Contact me and I will return the courtesy.

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